Cargodian - Compliance Rules

Compliance Rules

Cargodian on KYB Compliance

The Know Your Customer or Know Your Client (both KYC) or Know Your Business Partner (KYB) guidelines require us to make significant effort to verify the identity, suitability, and risks involved with entering into and maintaining a business relationship with a potential or existing business partner. The Cargodian procedures include the identification of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) and/or executive management of a business partner and to review those entities and individuals against Anti-Money Laundering Regulation, Sanction and Embargo Lists, to identify Politically Exposed Persons and check for Adverse Media. For this, Cargodian is utilizing the services of a specialized service provider as well as in-house designed processes which are audited on a regular basis.

Cargodian on Trade Compliance

Trade compliance guidelines at Cargodian require us to operate within the many global regulations that surround trading activities and the import and export of products worldwide. That means complying with German and EU export, trade, dual-use and other relevant regulation, as Cargodian is an entity registered in Germany and hence subject to German and European Law.

Cargodian on Business Ethics

Cargodian is not supporting trade in the following products: live animals, fish and seafood, mineral oil and derived products, pharmaceutical products, explosives, precious stones and metals, arms and ammunition as well as arts and antiques.

Cargodian on Code of Conduct