Payment Method for B2B-Trading

No entrepreneur wants to lose customers just because the payment methods offered are not accepted by the customer. Or the costs of a previously used payment method suddenly increase, and the additional costs squeeze the margin or threaten the success of the international expansion (e.g. into new markets).

In international trade, the letter of credit is a proven conventional payment method. However, up to 45% of letter of credit requests are rejected by banks. A study by the ICC shows that trade then usually does not take place, especially if full advance payment by the customer to the supplier is rejected.

Cargodian - Letter of Credit Reject Rate

Up to 45% of applications for trade finance for SMEs are rejected.

Companies that have integrated various payment methods into their sales structure, online store or B2B trading platform achieve a clear competitive advantage. Depending on country, currency, costs, risk and customer, the optimal payment method can be selected, and the company can react flexibly to the needs of the market and the customer.

Especially for new customers and when entering new markets, the use of different payment methods is a key success factor. When selecting payment methods, the following criteria are usually in the focus:

Offer your customers an additional innovative payment method to safely attract new customers.

Cargodian Does Not Compete with You or Your Customers

Cargodian enters the trade passively as an intermediary (as cross-trader) and can thus offer secure payment in your desired currency. The advantage of this business model is that Cargodian gains control over the goods and can protect the interests of both trading partners, the buyer and the seller:

Integration with Your B2B Platform

More and more B2B platforms are establishing themselves to bring buyers and sellers together in international trade. The integration of Cargodian is simple, fast and enables a more secure trade between the parties.

A real win-win situation for seller, buyer and Cargodian.